The Most Important Things You Should Do To Make a Car Key Copy

Possessing an extra copy of the car key is a good precaution that should be taken by every car owner. If you mistakenly lock the keys of your car inside the car then you will definitely need an extra key set for unlocking the car. This will save a lot of time and even the expense of getting a locksmith retrieve the keys for you. If you possess an extra set of keys for your car, you can easily share it with other people in your family preventing the need of loaning out the entire set every time. Having a car key copy is essential before you lose your keys. It is also important that you keep your Car Key Copy in a very safe and secured place. It is very easy for a dealer to get the replacement keys by fetching your ownership proof where it might take a very long time to create a car key copy.

Anti-Theft Keys

Your car manufacturer or dealer can easily make extra keys for the car and this serves as the best option in case your key features an ant-theft system. The ant-theft system is where the car key sends an electric signal to the car and in this way the key identifies itself. Your car key will have a very large plastic head serving as a transponder. For older cars, such keys need to be ordered but when buying new cars, you must check with the car dealer whether they have the key or not.

Car Key CopyStandard Keys

Standard keys are keys without anti-theft devices. These keys can easily be copied at the auto department or the local hardware shop. However, it is important to check the spare key before purchasing it in order to ensure that it works accurately.

Emergency Key

Getting an emergency key is quite easy. Such keys can be made at simple hardware stores and they also tend to be less expensive in comparison to the anti-theft keys. It is always essential to make a simple car key copy for emergency situations inspite of the fact that your car possesses an anti-theft tool. This emergency key will only work on the trunk and the door and this might be of good help if you tend to lock your keys inside your car.

The Cost of Car Key Copy

Keys are typically copied using a machine which traces the outline or the exterior structure of the original key and then cuts the pattern into key blank of same model number and brand. Nevertheless, copying the modern keys might mean cutting a completely new key depending on the recorded information and it will not involve tracing the existing key. It might also require embedding a special key blank along with a transponder or electronic chip. The cost of basic Car Key Copy is around $1.25 to $2 while the cost of high security car key copy is $8 to $20.

Some Typical Costs

For $1.25 to $2 you will easily get a very basic car or door key copied at any local hardware store. This type of copying is actually done by any of the store employees who might be or might not be possessing any skills in copying keys. Local locksmiths might charge around $1.50 to$4 for copying standard keys. These locksmiths are generally well-trained in the field of copying keys. Getting a standard key copied on a colorful and distinctive key blank imprinted with anything from rainbows to flowers to cartoon characters or sports team logos will cost around $3 to $6. Such keys are easily available at locksmiths and chain stores.

Things to be Kept in Mind when Getting Car Keys Copied

Copying the keys of a car involves great many risks and technical considerations entailed by modern day motoring. The first thing that you need to pay attention to when trying to copy car keys is to get proper authorization. The next step is to get hold of a good quality and credible locksmith possessing technical expertise. The costs involved in getting the car keys copied are also important to be considered.